Casearia sylvestris

Casearia sylvestris is a plant used in the treatment of several diseases, including cancer. Studies have shown that C. sylvestris presents an interesting antitumoral potential, due to the presence of casearins and some sesquiterpens with antitumoral activity. Casearia sylvestris is popularly known in Brazil as guaçatonga.

The Casearia sylvestris is used in folk medicine in Brazil and all Latin American to treat inflammation, cancer, microbial infection and snake bites. Studies showed that Casearia sylvestris aqueous extract can inhibit many toxic effects caused by snake venoms (or caused by phospholipase A(2) isolated) from different species, mainly of Bothrops genus. Inhibition of enzymatic and myotoxic activities, decrease of edema formation and increase of the survival rate of rats injected with lethal doses of bothropic venoms are some toxic effects inhibited by Casearia sylvestris.

Casearia sylvestris contains gallic acid and ellagic acid.

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